Meteor Crater Discovery Center, AZ

Meteor Crater is the spectacular result of a collision that rocked the American Southwest approximately 50,000 years ago.
Their Visitor Center was recently redone with upgraded exhibits, designed by Formations,Inc. RBH produced several short videos and touchscreen interactives for the site. 
“The Chelyabinsk Meteor” program features sound effects, documentary videos, and a narrator describing what happened when a meteor streaked across the skies over Russia. 
RBH media interactives: 
- provide visitors with an overview of the major highlights in and around the Meteor Crater site 
- invite visitors to trace Comet Shoemaker-Levy’s orbital path around Jupiter from 1991, until its impact with Jupiter in July 1994 
- test visitors’ knowledge of the largest, smallest, oldest and youngest craters on Earth


Meteor Crater Enterprises, Formations, Inc.

Project elements

  • Consulting
  • Interactive