Old Croton Aqueduct

Construction began in 1837 to build a 41 mile aqueduct to run water from the upstate Croton River to New York City. This 19th century architectural achievement was believed able to provide New Yorkers with fresh water for centuries to come. But Croton’s fresh water spurred the population to grow at a dizzying rate, and over the next decades larger aqueducts were constructed to surpass the original Old Croton Aqueduct.
Today 26 miles of the Old Croton Aqueduct is a New York State Park and National Historic Landmark. The scenic path over the underground aqueduct winds through urban centers and small communities. It passes near historic sites, preserves, and scenic vistas of the Hudson Valley. The Aqueduct’s leafy ceiling provides recreational opportunities for walking and running, horseback riding, biking, bird watching, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.


RBH produced interactive exhibits for the Old Croton Aqueduct Visitors Center, including an interactive touchscreen trail map. Visitors may read an overview about characteristics of various sections of the Aqueduct trail, choose a section, and “drill down” to preview navigation points and highlights of that trail section.

Project elements

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